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Monday, January 26, 2–3 p.m.a
Meet Irene Castle
Meet Irene Castle – Dancer, Trendsetter, and Animal Rights Activist. Step back in time to experience the exciting life of ragtime dancer, Irene Castle. Castle will be portrayed by professional storyteller and performer Susan Marie Frontczak. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Vernon and Irene Castle made ragtime dancing not just socially acceptable, but fashionable with their elegant grace. A dance craze explosion swept across America. The Castles enchanted the nation—here was a married couple who actually showed affection for one another in public! In addition to dance, Irene and her husband broke molds in fashion, in the color barrier and in the humane treatment of animals. The performance will be followed by an in character and out of character question and answer session.


Sunday, Jan 25

Please join Gina at her home on Sunday, January 25 from 6 to 9, for the first Game Night of the new year. Bring a favorite card or board game to share and $5 to help with the cost of pizza and salad. Call Gina at 303 923-3415 to rsvp and for directions to her home, which is in Heather Gardens, in Aurora. Other sponsors are welcome to offer their homes or clubhouses for future game nights so this event can continue.

Saturday, 2/14 “Dakota Blonde Valentine Show”

This show is so much fun. The group has had a Valentine show for many years and each time we go it is better than the last. Each musician in Dakota Blonde is extremely talented and the music is heartwarming. There are valentines, great jokes and stories, and prizes.  We have been known to dress in our Valentine clothes and celebrate our friendship at this event. Many loyal fans. Will sell out soon.
Friday, January 30, the Denver Art Museum (DAM)

DAM has their “Free” Untitled event for members of the DAM the last Friday of the month. This month’s theme is On the Rocks. Break the ice of the 2015 season with precious gems, designer jewels, and specially crafted cocktails.  They have fun activities going on throughout the museum and a nice buffet by Ken Taylor. If you are not a DAM member, you just have to pay the museum fee. Rosalie will not be going to this event this month


SNC Members – Please Set Up Activities for Your SNC Friends

I hope everyone sets up an activity for the club in 2015. This is the start of a new year and some of the samepeople keep setting up activities and are getting tired doing that. Try to pick a club member to organize an activity with you. If you have any questions, you can call Rosalie or another Board Member to help you send it out to the SNC members that have email addresses and are registered at All you have to do is send the activity you would like to host to It is that easy!
Remember to check the hot line at 303-639-7622 should you not have your SNC Newsletter nearby and want to know what is going on with the club.
Remember if our members do not sponsor activities our calendar will not have things to do on it. Please try to think of an activity you would like to go to and ask another member to sponsor it with you or a SNC Board Member.

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